The SESCO Design℠

Providing Comfort, Quality, and Efficiency

Our patented design has a clear mission: treat outside air prior to bringing it into the store. Using proven applied engineering and proprietary techniques, an HVAC system from SESCO separately treats the sensible and latent loads in the main occupiable areas of your supermarket.

What does that mean? It means The SESCO Design℠ creates a comfortable environment and premier air quality that enhances the customer experience, plus features important design considerations for optimal refrigeration performance. Put even simpler: we reduce energy costs while improving the supermarket environment.

We utilize a dual path HVAC system with dedicated outdoor and recirculation air conditioning equipment combined with a patented control strategy to ensure top-quality energy management, premier performance, and unparalleled efficiency. Equally as important, our engineers strive to be reliable, adaptive, and collaborative partners by getting to know each unique store from the ground up.

A SESCO system guarantees less waste, less cost, and less harm to the environment. Partner with us today, and feel the difference tomorrow.

Let Us Design the Your Ideal HVAC System

Full-Service Ordering & Delivery

One of the key ways we serve our supermarkets is through complete management of equipment design, ordering, and application. While we have preferred equipment providers that are experienced with using our patented designs, we are not tied to any specific manufacturer. This gives us the flexibility to identify and apply the best possible products for every individual client.

Our engineers work with you to design or retrofit your HVAC system to achieve peak performance, then see each project through by supplying the correct equipment and commissioning services. Our interests are your interests, and we’re passionate about ensuring our designs work as intended. When they do, the result is reduced operating costs and comfortable supermarket shoppers.

Ensure Efficiency

HVAC System Evaluation & Inspection

Our commissioning services certify that our installed systems operate as designed and consume no more energy than expected. A SESCO technician will make a comprehensive assessment of your HVAC system along with custom services to meet your needs. This includes construction coordination, equipment inspections, point-to-point system checkout, and start-up and trim services to guarantee efficiency and optimal operation of all our HVAC solutions. Prevent system failures, stop unintended energy waste, and keep your system running smoothly with premier commissioning from SESCO.